Sonntag, 26. August 2007


This book is about the life of the mobster bosses in Chicago in the roaring twenties. After World War I the people become more and more fun-loving and the demand for (illegal) alcohol increases in times of prohibition - this fact of course benefits the rise of a lot of gangsters, who cooperate with corrupt politicians and fight against each other to maximize their income.

The presentation of this topic is very entertaining, as beside to a general introduction the life stories of the different gangster bosses are outlined, including statistics of their estimated income, time in prison and number of murders. The artwork is, as the previews show, stunning and makes the experience even more appealing.
The book comes in a special format, is printed on high-quality paper and also contains a poster showing all the bosses on one picture.

If you are only slightly interested in this part of amercian history, this book can be highly recommended.

author: robert nippoldt
gerstenberg verlag
(unfortunately, as far as i know the book is just available in german at the moment)


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