Sonntag, 20. April 2008

Robinson Crusoe - Sofa "Ile"

If this sofa, called „Ile“, could be mine, I would, like Robinson Crusoe, never leave this beautiful island. The sofa seems to float above the basement, it is airy and earthed, although this seems to be a paradoxon. You can use „Ile“ as a daybed too – maybe this makes you dream about holidays on a real island.

The product is of high quality and the covering is removeable, which is quite convenient – it makes it easy to change the appearance of your living space, when you’re fed up with its look, but don’t want to buy new things. The designer Piero Lissoni did a great job in designing this inovative „Ile“.

producer: living divani

worldwide dealers can be found on the homepage of living divani

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