Sonntag, 22. Juni 2008

Japanese Gardens and Teahouses

I like to enjoy beautiful gardens, as well as I'm interested in Zen Buddhism and Japanese culture in general - so if you add up these preferences, sooner or later you will be dealing with Japanese gardens. What I like most about the book "Shaping Japanese Gardens" is the comprehensive view, so you won't learn only how to shape a Japanese garden and which plants you should grow, additionally you will be familiarized with the tradition and the culture behind, which mustn't be missing in that context and was (at least for me) very interesting to read about

If it's the case that you also love tea - especially green tea (as I do), then you should definitely follow-up on the topic checking out the book "The Japanese Teahouse". It's full about details (and amazing pictures) on the architecture as well as facts about the tea ceremony as such, held in unadorned teahouses built in Japanese gardens. Beside the huge knowledge offered by this book, it is also of high quality in terms of production and layout. Even browsing through the pages makes you want to participate in a tea ceremony.

japanische gärten gestalten
author: charles chesshire
christian verlag (german)

das japanische teehaus
author: wolfgang fehrer
niggli (german)

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