Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

Cloer 6320 - Toaster/Grill

If you like grilling on fine plates (meat, fish, vegetables,...) as well as preparing delicious waffles on your own, you should have a look at this comfortable griller from Cloer.

Not only the design is straight-forward and elegant, also the griller is easy to handle and it can be used for a lot of different purposes. The plates heat up pretty fast, but the grip always stays cool as it is insulated.

I tried simple cheese toast as well as fish - and both dishes worked out really fine. You can remove the plates pretty easy and so I also used the waffle plates, and the result was more then great. No sticking of the dough, good handling of the toaster and perfect consistency of the waffles. Delicious!!

A fine and multi-purpose appliance with fast and simple usage. Recommended.

- Fast and easy-to-use toaster/grill

- Nonstick cooking surface
- Compact
- Different plates
- Elegant and modern design (stainless steel)

The Cloer company began manufacturing electric irons in Germany in 1898. In the early 1900's they designed and marketed the first waffle iron. They have continued expand their brand with other electric kitchen appliances, survived two world wars, and grew to market to all of Europe from their manufacturing warehouse in Germany. They are well known for the durability and style of their electric kitchen appliances and truly create art for the kitchen. In order to remain competitive the Cloer company recently purchased Asian factories and hired their own Asian management to work under German engineers to competitively produce their high quality Cloer brand electric kitchen appliances.


You can buy the series here:

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