Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

Hornig Cialde Espressomaker

I really like coffee.

Luckily I hade the chance to taste wonderful coffee lately - made by the fine Pod Espressomaker from Hornig (a company pretty well-known for high quality coffee products). I wasn't impressed only by the espresso itself, but also by the great open standard coffee-system called ESE (Easy Serving Espresso Pods). With those single-serve pods you can choose out of many different roasters and blends, which are also priced very differently. A flexible system to perfectly meet your personal needs.

The technique of the pod machine (18 bar) and the solid construction guarantees near-barista quality - and you should definitely give it a try. Especially recommended with the five different Hornig blends (espresso, melange, bio fair traide, decoffeinated, premium/consul). A couple of sample pods of each blend are included in the package, to make sure that you can enjoy your first espresso within minutes.

Enjoy your coffee with ease and in minimum time, with a massive and high quality machine which produces espresso in a professional manner.

Thanks to its soft and refined lines that have been inspired by 60's design, Podstar fits in small offices and meeting rooms, but it is also at home on kitchen worktops.

Power consumption: 1.200W, 230V - 50 Hz
Functions: coffee, hot water, steam
Pump: max. 20 bar
Water tank: 1,5lt

You can buy this fine product online at!

Information about Easy Serving Espresso Pods (ESE) at Wikipedia

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