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Lone - Unique Design Hotel

"Lone is definitely one of the greatest Hotels I have seen in a long time. It's a perfect mixture of modern architecture, great design, pure pleasure & relaxation - and all of this at a great spot."

- medium-sized five star Design Hotel in Rovinj (Croatia)
- located next to the sea and near the picturesque old town of Rovinj
- spa, lounge and different restaurants
- kids welcome, miniclub available
- conference center

A minimalistic and modern architectural concept from 3LHD has been realised very stringent, beginning with the building itself (stunning! reminding a bit of big ocean liner...) to the great artwork of the menus and brochures, bringing nature inside with hanging gardens, involving artwork by Ivana Franke and Silvio Vuijcic and ending with the selection of the beautiful, fitting designer furniture from e.g. Moroso and the architects working together with the designer team Numen/ForUse. We loved the Tio Lounge Chairs (Massproduction) in the Lobby Bar, great design and sooooo comfortable. There are different styles of restaurants available (including a Sushi Bar - awesome Tuna Carpaccio) and a overwhelming Spa (fully in black and very straight). At the moment the pool of the neighbour Hotel can be used, but in 2013 Lone gets its own huge pool area (I've already seen first pictures - convincing!), which fits to the style of the Hotel and makes the "Lone Experience" completely perfect.

The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful forest which borders the sea (with lots of great little inlets). It's perfect for taking a walk, running, cycling, swimming, snorkeling and catching little crabs and shrimps. On the other side you can walk next to the sea on a nice promenade to the old town of Rovinj - which not only looks stunning but where you can find lots of nice restaurants and bars and also the harbour. Taste the ice cream at one of the gelaterias!

Lone is definitely one of the greatest Hotels I have seen in a long time. It's a perfect mixture of modern architecture, great design, pure pleasure & relaxation - and all of this at a great spot. All the people have been very friendly and supportive. Lone can wholeheartedly be recommended also to families with kids - Stokke chairs are available... ;-) Enjoying great food or pure relaxtion in the Hotel, going to one of  the beautiful and romantic beaches in the inlets nearby or walking on the promenade to the wonderful old town of Rovinj - anyway you will experience awesome holidays!

Lone Design Hotel: Lone represents a design-focused synergy of functionality, harmony and elegance. Featuring an impeccable blend of beauty, style and cultural heritage, the hotel is a year-round leisure and business destination.

Hotel Lone is Maistra’s new, five-star design hotel, situated in the Zlatni Rt [Golden Cape] forest park, just ten minutes from the centre of Rovinj, one of the most picturesque towns on the Adriatic.

As an embodiment of urban style, Lone features 236 well-appointed rooms and 12 comfortable suites. All of the accommodation units of the six-story seaside hotel nested in the forest park of Zlatni rt afford a spectacular view of the surroundings. The interior decoration embodiesthe basic aesthetic values this hotel, with simple lines and functionality merging with the appeal of the surroundings. The playful arrangement of mirrors, glass walls and indoor areas visually extending towards spacious terraces is present in all of the rooms and suites.

Slow food or delicious canapés, regional or Central-European cuisine, a fusion between traditional and modern Mediterranean specialities - restaurants in the Lone hotel are an endless source of imagination and diverse aromas.

lone - unique design hotel

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