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Geranium Gin

"Not so long ago, my father and I decided to make the best gin ever. Our aim was to create a gin that was dry and aromatic at the same time, so it could be used with both crisp mixers such tonic and vermouth, and fruity mixers like juices, berries, and fruits."

This was the goal from Henrik Hammer and his father when they started with developing this premium gin - and from my point of view they have fully achieved  this goal. :)

Geranium Gin has been introduced in Denmark in 2009, afterwards beginning of 2010 in the UK - and despite its relatively short period being available on the market it has been really sucessful in increasing its audience and fans.

Geranium Gin has been created by Henrik Hammer and his father, who definitely reached their high targets set beforehand (see quote above). Henrik used his deep experience as an accredited Gin judge and added the chemistry knowledge of his father and together they invented a truely awesome Gin, based on Juniper of course, but enhanced by Geranium (amongst other ingredients). A combination which seems to have a long tradition in therapeutical use, and which fits together pretty well.

It's a quite mild and floral Gin, which can be perfectly enjoyed either straight on the rocks (no burning alcohol aftertaste) or of course in a well-balanced Gin Tonic. The juniper is dominant (in an elegant way), but I also recognized citrus and some sweetness. Overall smooth and a true Premium London Dry Gin.

Red Basil Smash
By Jörg Meyer, owner of ‘Le Lion’ in Hamburg:

5 cl Geranium Gin
2 cl syrup
2 cl fresh lemon juice
1 sprig of fresh red basil

Instructions: Muddle basil vigorously with Geranium Gin first. Then shake all ingredients and strain into a cocktail glass with ice. Garnish with basil.

From the producer: In order to achieve the predicate "London Dry Gin", the ingredients (a perfect mix of 10 fresh and dried botanicals), must be matured for 48 hours in the finest grain spirit. They are then distilled in a copper pot still that is over 100 years old. Subsequently, the quality of each single batch is controlled and approved by our master distiller, and the purest water is added before bottling.

The result is an outstanding smooth and well-balanced gin with a delicate taste of Juniper, a crisp citrus-rosy Geranium aroma with exotic notes from the eight other specially selected ingredients.

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