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The former fitness Guru Gaby Just developed with great enthusiasm (and inspired by the Algäu alps), extra-ordinary beauty and spa products in highest quality. In aware contact with the rhythm and needs of nature and the phases of moon her natural cosmetic and food line “Just Pure” was created. The products contain cold-pressed oils and herbs and plants which were cultivated organic. Ingredients are “just pure”, means 100% natural, means that no emulsifiers, artificial stabilizers, preservatives are used. The products are manufactured towards athroposophic guide lines. The close link to nature is also reflected in the use of beautiful glass bottles and jars.

All this love, inserted in the “Just Pure” line, you can feel, smell and see - whenever you use this products of highest quality. 

The smell will astonish you, the puristic look will delight you, the feeling after use will convince you. Just try!

Here are some products we enjoy:

Shower Gel: Sweet Winter No 7
Is a warming, sweet Shower Gel flavoured with oranges, spruce needle, star anise, tonka and cassia. An encounter of north and south. Remembers us to a walk in a snowy winter wood and afterwards enjoying the evening in front of a fireplace with a nice cup of ambrosial punch. This shower Gel is a limited rarity!

Shower Gel: Mountain Blossom Honey
The natural mountain herbs in combination with honey is some kind of sweet, high quality warming tea for soul and mind. One of the greatest shower gels I've ever discovered! The herbs are warming and inspiring. You think of mountain pastures with all the wonderful smells and the bees flying. Just the right thing, when you feel cold!

"Mountain Flower“ - Herbal Tea
"Medicinal plants and herbs including calendula blossoms, sage, basil, rose petals, wild lavender and others provide you with power and energy for the whole day.“
This tea is recommended for every day use. It is a very well balanced and tasty mixture and brings the overwhelming nature of mountains to your body and soul.

"Relaxation" - Herbal Tea
Are you suffering from sleep disorders and have a hard time to fall asleep? Then this calming herbal tea with St. Johns wort, melissa, verbena, and lavender is the right tea for you.“
After some exhausting daywork this tea is a warm welcome at home to calm down and find inner strength again. Very nice flavour!

Mirabelle Plum Purée
"Delicious fruit purée to be enjoyed as spread or to sweeten your yoghurt, cereal, pastries and cakes.
For a healthy start in the day, enjoy one of our delicious fruit purées made with fruit from our own organic cultivation and a fruit content of over 80%!! An very low sugar content and premium quality fruits make this purée a healthy treat for your senses!"
This one is delicious, you have to try yourself! All the natural taste of summer they filled in this glass.

More information and Online Shop >>>>>> JustPure.com

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