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Art of Chocolate

Art of Chocolate is a small manufactory in Germany and member of Slow Food Deutschland. The firm decided to work with products of highest quality to create handmade chocolate art in form of bars, pralines and chocolate drinks in different exquisite flavors.

The interaction of the fine, natural ingredients entails an explosion of aromas and refined taste. The careful and accurate converting guaranties extraordinary finesse for you, consuming this outstanding products.

Highly recommended bars: 
Almond Poppy (Mandel Mohn)
A combination of fine milk chocolate and white chocolate honed with poppy and almond releases an untypically and new chocolate taste. A totally new experience.

Red grape (Rote Traube)
A mixture of dark chocolate, natural aroma of red grapes and red wine powder creates something known but also new. This mixture will titillate your palate it is well balanced. The smell is overwhelming.

Caramel Almond (Gebrannte Mandel)
Tenderly melting dark chocolate comes with caramelized chopped almonds and creates an explosion of fine taste and aroma with extraordinary finesse.

Dark chocolate combined with cranberry pieces produce a fine sourness, which is very refreshing in tired moments.


Lime-Mint-Truffle (Limette-Minze-Trüffel)
This beautiful Praline, made with love, will remember you at an nice and warm summer evening, spent with friends and a beautiful glass of mojito.

Cherry-Chili-Truffle (Kirsch-Chili-Trüffel)
A very popular combination, known of is harmonically interaction of its ingredients. Which has, not only because of this, its right to exist (but not long ;)).

Ginger-Pecan-Marchpane (Ingwer-Pekan-Marzipanpraline) 
An exotic tasty praline, with a hot ginger flavor and the, for us totally new, taste of  pecan-marchpane. Very interesting.

Chocolate Drinks:

They come with classical aromas like amaretto, chili, orange, cinnamon or just very pure and will sweeten and warm your heart after a cold winterday. 

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