Samstag, 7. April 2007

barcelona - all in one or one in all

barcelona, one of my favorite cities, is the one place, where you get the best of: city, design, art, fashion, food, scene... barcelona is young and barcelona is old, barcelona is shabby and it's first class - it's so many things, but it's never fake.
what you have to visit, beside the harbour, beach, park guel and all the other gaudi architecture is the museu d'art contemporani d'barcelona, designed by the american architect Richard Meier. if not for the exhibtion, than just for the building and the place in front - a meeting point of barcelonas young people.

and this is maybe the best adress, where you can stay:

hotel omm is situated in the center of barcelona and it's very trendy. if you want to be seen and have a look for yourself it's highly recommended!

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