Samstag, 21. Juni 2008

The wonderful wizard of OZ...

The series OZ by GSG CERAMIC DESIGN goes beyond simple „sanitaryware“, furthermore OZ sets itself apart from conventional bath ceramic by designing washing basins and shower trays that are kind of functional arty objects for your bathroom. They are obtainable in many colors, and you can find analogies to constructivism in art – remember for example Malewitsch.

The washing basins find their showy finish in the fitting, very straight top, kind of bauhaus style available in finishes light oak, wenge oak, white lacquered and gray lacquered. The ceramics are of high quality and easy to clean.
The products are really highly recommended!

GSG is a company specialized in the production of ceramic sanitaryware, and is to be found in the ceramic district of Civita Castellana. The gsg company has a long experiance in the foreign market with classic design, and now, a careful awareness of todays designs and styles, enlarging the gamma of products to combine a new way of living and concept of architectural bathrooms.

homepage: gsg ceramics design

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