Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

7Gr. For espresso lovers only.

7Gr offers high quality coffee and - in contrast to a lot of other companies - really appreciates good design. I want to especially point out their delicious variants of ESE pods, which are from my point of view an easy and convenient way to enjoy a perfect coffee experience.

The pods are available in three different flavors and each of them can be recommended wholeheartedly. Also beans and ground formats are available.

Our favorit! A Grand Cru of high-quality Arabica and Robusta beans from Brazil, India and Ethiopia. Complete and full taste, not too strong and not too weak, hints of cocoa... simpy a perfect mixture.
A selection of fine Arabica from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. Round taste, maybe a bit stronger than PEOPLE, smooth texture... very enjoyable.

This is the decaffeinated pod, which despite the lack of coffein tastes very compact, smooth and convinving.

If you are looking for great coffee presented with style you should check out 7Gr. Beside coffee they also produce other fine stuff as cups, cookies or liquor - maybe I will write about these sometime in the future as well.

From the producer:  A SIGN OF IDENTITY.

Our name is our pledge.
A pledge that we fulfill by following a path made of passion, of course, and of substance, too.

You need 7 grams of finely ground coffee to make a perfect espresso. Not a gram more, nor less.

Our brand fully reflects our philosophy, starting from the value we place on every moment that preceeds the extraction of those 25 ml of pure flavour and aroma which end up in our coffee cup. A rigorous process in which everything has its “weight” and any decision regarding it will make a difference.

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