Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014

Dots Cooking - Experimental Asia

„No art, no enjoyment - and vice versa...!" 


Martin Ho is an extra-ordinary person. He loves art and he loves great food. Everything he does, he does with passion. An this is great, and an example worth following... Despite his young age he already built a group of mainly restaurants and art galleries, all of them stylish, creative, extra-rodinary - and successful.

What comes to birth, when an Austrian art collector and gastronome with the right taste writes a cookbook is something very unique and special. Asia meets Europe, Asia meets Austria and gives birth to some tasty experimental food. 

„It’s all about the beautiful things of life“ Ho tells us and this attitude is very successful. Holding the book in your hands you’ll find fine art work, you will be amused with. 
Everything is well chosen and on the right place. The beautifull neon japanese bookbinding is awesome, and the recipes are easy to cook and will fit your taste for sure.

A production we really enjoy! :-)

Publisher: Brandstätter Verlag


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