Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2017

Flying Roasters

Flying Roasters are coffee professionals. Since more than 5 years now. Located in Berlin. They love coffee, and they established a fair and transparent business model. And they are very nice people, too. :-)

They are part of Roasters United, they know most of their coffee growers personally and import only highest quality beans. They experiment a lot and when they are satisfied with the results they offer the roasted beans to their customers. And they seem to really like them!

Please find enclosed three fine tastes out of their portfolio:

A blend of 100% Arabica beans.
- 45 % Peru, Kooperative Cenfrocafe, Arabica washed
- 35 % Guatemala, Kooperative APPAECE, Arabica washed
- 20 % Sumatra, Kooperative Permata Gayo, Arabica washed
ReDesigned Italian Style. Organic. Pretty Dark Roasted. Chocolate, Cacao, a bit fruity.

100% Arabica beans from Peru, washed.
Single Origin. Organic. Medium Dark Roasted. Lots of Chocolate, dried fruits, Citrus. Our favorite!

Fire Finch
100% Arabica beans from Ethiopia, natural.
Single Origin. Organic. Light Roasted. Exotic fruits, Mango, a bit sweetness, Caramel. Intense. Very interesting!

FLYING ROASTERS are from Berlin. They have a nice Online Shop, also offering subscription models. They also organize Coffee tastings and Barista courses. Check them out!

More Information >>>>>> Flying Roasters

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