Dienstag, 2. April 2013

7Gr. - Coffee Liqueur

Frankly speaking, I’ve never tasted Coffee Liqueur before. But I definitely LOVE coffee and I really like Liqueur, so expectations were quite high before tasting the 7gr Coffee Liqour. And to speak it our clearly… My expectations have been fulfilled!

It’s not too sweet, presents typical coffee flavors and is quite smooth. Perfect as a digestif after a fine dinner! If you are interested in coffee as well as liqueurs, then give this fine product a try…

From the producer: Indulge into the sensual pleasure of Sevendrops. Discover all the finest essence of 7GR.’s coffee blends, extracted through a rigorous handmade process, to make a coffee liqueur that will conquer you with its extraordinary richness of aromas and its harmonic balance of flavours.
Smooth and round bodied with a subtle, spicy finish and a lingering aftertaste of cocoa. 

Perfect as an after dinner liqueur, Sevendrops can be tasted at room temperature to get every nuance of flavour, or served chilled to better appreciate its velvet-textured taste.


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