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Xavier David - Premium Honey & Tea

We were stunned by the taste of the delicious lavender honey. The fine honey is accompanied by a smooth taste of Lavender, which is very subtle and ulterior but still there. The honey is dulcet creamy, has a very fine structure and is unbelievably aromatic. Best honey we've ever had! :-)

The rosemary honey is more down-to-earth. The resinous, slightly bitter taste of rosemary is luscious. In our opinion the rosemary honey is a strong honey, which fits excellent to e.g. goat cheese. A very, very nice honey as well. Highly recommended!

The Jasmine Tea comes in an excellent quality, a very dignified flavor of jasmine. It is a stimulating blend for special occasions. The smell is bloomy and full. The blend can be enjoyed for breakfast, for afternoon tea as well as in the evening after dinner - you'll be always delighted! :-)

For lovers of black tea these fine selection of Orange-Pekoe Ceylan Tea will be the right choice. This "Seigneur de Ceylan" (King of Ceylan) is produced by small producers in premium quality, of course BIO certified. It tastes aromatically spicy, a bit of almonds can be found, overall very mild and appealing.

"Our selection is first and foremost about know-how. Our products are made according to ancestral traditions or in surroundings where tradition and modernity work in perfect harmony."

From the producer: MIEL DE CRU - Lavande
Over the past hundreds of years, the limestone soil in the dry and hot Mediterranean region has allowed for abundant lavender growth. Xavier David Lavender Honey is harvested higher up on the hills. It’s very fragrant and more floral then the other honeys from flat regions. Xavier David honey excels due to its white to light yellow colour and its fine and fragrant scents from the wild lavender.
With its slightly acidy taste, it is best for making desserts or for breakfast.

From the producer: MIEL DE CRU - Romarin
The Corbière region is made of windy and gravelly hillsides, covered with coastal region-specific plants.
During autumn and winter, sea-rains contribute the necessary moisture for rosemary to flourish early and abundantly which is our “green-light guarantee” for honey production.
Rosemary honey is a pure egg-white colour with a delectable fragrance and subtle flavours of labiate flowers.

From the producer: DELICE DE JASMIN
Faithful to the Chinese tradition, Délice de Jasmin Xavier David is a burst of floral flavour.
Produced by the Dazhangshan Organic Tea Farmer Association in Jiangxi Province, this afternoon tea is designed to go with sophisticated Oriental dishes.
When brewed, it has a splendid golden colour and an intense, fresh and velvety flavour.

From the producer: SEIGNEUR DE CEYLAN OP1
Seigneur de Ceylan Xavier David tea is a high-grown Orange Pekoe 1 tea (long, flat leaves) with very little bitterness, making it an ideal choice for breakfast or tea time.
For those who truly love teas from Ceylon.

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