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Blackwood's Gin and Vodka

Blackwood Gin is produced with care in Shetland, using local botanicals (including rare local coriander, wild water mint and sea pink) to create a unique premium spirit. Depending on weather conditions each of the botanicals grows and develops a bit different, which makes the Gin each year a bit different. Blackwood encourages this, and so it would be definitely interesting to taste and compare different years.

When it comes to the 2005 Blackwood Gin with 40% alcohol, I have to admit that I was really impressed. When you open the bottle and take a deep breath, you are welcomed with a fresh and smooth nose having a little bit citrus as well. On the palate it is quite floral, having juniper of course and also citrus again. Very appealing and smooth - recommended pure as well as mixed in a fantastic Gin Tonic. Try with 1724 Tonic Water, you'll taste the difference!

"Blackwood's is truly the essence of Shetland, and the world's only handpicked gin. Local crofters harvest our Shetland botanicals each summer, roughly between June and September (depending when summer comes, and whether it's warm and dry like 2003 or cool and wet and windy like 2005) in proportions that do not disturb the fragile local habitat.

We have a sustainable harvesting programme to ensure harmony with Shetland's unspoilt environment. The sustainable sourcing and harvesting was developed with us by Highland Natural Products, FWAG and the Orkney Agronomy College.

The plants are brought down to the mainland of Scotland to be gently small-batch distilled. Blackwood's is truly the essence of Shetland, and the world's only handpicked gin."

The production process of the Blackwood Vodka follows an old Viking tradition. The Vodka is triple-distilled over Nordic Birch charcoal and ice filtered, for exceptional purity and smoothness. The 100% triple distilled wheat grain spirit is combined with natural spring water from Shetland's sandstone aquifers. The outcome is terrific and Blackwood Vodka proves to be one of the best Vodkas I've tasted in a long time - crisp, smooth, enjoy ice cold!

Especiall the Blackwood Gin won a lot of awards in the past and also the Vodka has been chosen as best Vodka in many blind tastings. So take your chance and give Blackwood premium spirits a try!

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Importer: Haromex


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