Sonntag, 7. November 2021

FOLD - A monumental kitchen - designed by Martin Steininger

Photo: Courtesy of Steininger

This kitchen block takes up the space like a floating monument. The puristic design is reminiscent of the Japanese art of origami and creates a tangible tension between lightness and weight. The kitchen takes up the space like a great work of art. You want to touch and discover it immediately. 

"A specially selected, computer-based production technology shapes the metal into a fascinating kitchen object with millimeter accuracy. The precisely prepared alloy are completed by hand" explains Steininger at his homepage.

The kitchen provides the stage for an everyday necessity, an often banal act, to put cooking, the handling of food and consumption in a different light. The artistic design immediately raises the question of whether we appreciate our food and nutrition sufficiently. What dishes do you prepare on a sculpture?

Photo: Courtesy of Steininger

This is how this island becomes the central element of the new way of living. The kitchen as the center of everyday life is given a different status. It is not only a place of interpersonal communication but also becomes a place for an attitude in which everyday actions become art. An appreciation like in ZEN.

Photo: Curtesy of Steininger


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