Samstag, 4. Dezember 2021

Miniforms "Soda"

How beautiful - how beautiful!

Like frozen water it stands in the house, the wonderful "Soda" side table by Miniforms. A hand-blown masterpiece. "Soda was born upside-down, with a puff of air. It weights 20 kilos, and it is blown, drawn out and shaped by three master glassmakers. The result is a single volume of glass with three large petals forming the stem" (

Photo: Courtesy of Miniforms

When the light hits the masterpiece, you have the feeling that the water of a clear mountain lake or or liquid caramel has been shaped into a work of art. Immediately you want to touch this table. 

Photo: Courtesy of Miniforms

Only true masters like the glassblowers in Murano can create such a masterpiece. Even they cannot control all of the factors influencing this complex design. That makes this table unique and wonderful.

This furniture is exclusively and extremely desirable.

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