Donnerstag, 4. August 2022

Antonio Lupi and CRISTALMOOD - Bathtub REFLEX

We are big fans of Antonio Lupi's designs. Again he has developed an innovative material he baptized CRISTALMOOD. 

The material's weight is about 30% less than conventional materials and Lupi processes this lightness into an extraordinary bathtub REFLEX. The designer manages to create a tension between clear and solid design language and a kind of fluidity.

We like the translucent finish, especially when water pours in and blends with the sunlight like a touching piece of art. "The transparency of the surface makes it possible to observe the flow of the liquid, to read its movements, to follow its strength." (

And the best thing is, that you can choose between fourteen enchanting colors to fit your style.

Antonio Lupi shows once again that he is master of his trade. 

Antonio Lupi:

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