Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

anCnoc 12y

The Knockdhu distillery is located in the north eastern corner of Scotland, and produces this modern and appealing Single Malt Whisky with traditional methods.

The anCnoc (pronouced a-nock) 12y old bottling comes in great packaging, with a reduced and nice label. 

In the nose it's quite fruity, some apple, also lemon. On the palate it's really aromatic, you can taste honey and bit barley as well. Later the malt comes out. Again fruity, and overly smooth, quite complex. Nice, long, smooth finish, no alcohol burn.

The anCnoc 12y old is a very appealing Whisky for every occasion, one of my bottles for my standard Whisky selection... ;-) I'd be really curious about the 16y and 22y old premium Whisky.

Slainte! (Which means Cheers in Gaelic)


12 years old

The anCnoc 12 Year Old is renowned the world over. Known as a must have in any whisky drinkers collection, it’s light and yet complex. Smooth yet challenging. And each twist and turn delivers a surprise. In fact, this is a dram that has something for everyone.

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