Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Falke Cottage Socks and Cosy Shoes

If you are tired of your old plastic homeshoes, you should definitely check out the modern and very comfortable homeshoes from Falke.

They are not only good looking and available in different straight colors, even more important they are damn cosy to wear. Especially when now the cold time of the year is coming, these fine shoes will keep you warm. Also they are pretty light-weighted, and therefore feel somehow like a second skin. Which is furthermore an advantage for travelling, as they fit even into a small suitcase.

The premium version, the Cottage Socks, come with a genuine leather sole and are made out of a fine rayon-cotton mix with Angora included - for highest wearing comfort.

The Cosy Shoes come with a non-slip sole and are made out of warm and flushy Merino wool, which also guarantees a cosy wearing experience.

From the producer: "The FALKE scenery is populated by indefatigable globetrotters, stubborn individualists, polyglot adventurers, fanatic perfectionists, sensitive intellectuals and pretentious aesthetes. Their style of living and dressing reflects a good deal of self-confidence. We enjoy their company. Those are the ones we have in mind in search for the ideal shape and the best handmade quality."

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