Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2014

Brauerei Gusswerk

The small and innovative brewery Gusswerk is located in Austria (near Salzburg), and beside producing awesome organic beer specialities also a nice pub is part of the company, where the great beer can be tasted directly… :-)

The brewmaster Reinhold Barta brought his dream to life and founded this awesome independent brewery in 2007 after gaining lots of experience in this area. As a result lots of his specialities won different awards and are a living examples for outstanding beer.
I think that the diversification in the beer market will speed up in the future, seeing hopefully more and more beer tastings and beer specialities. Brauhaus Gusswerk definitely is a forerunner for this pleasing development.

Most ingredients are grown local and organic, and solely traditional methods are used for brewing. This ensures high quality and great taste..!

Steinbier: speciality known since the Middle Ages, a bit sweetness (caramel) on the palate - as hot stones are used in brewing process, very drinkable, I loved this one

Black Betty: dark beer brewed with different herbs, very interesting and unknown taste, fits surprisingly very very well altogether 

Jakobsgold: brewed during full moon, beer is also known as "Zwickl Bier" = meaning unfiltered beer, golden taste, fruity, full of magic

Edelguss: the regular beer, again organic, again great! i liked the fruity and smooth taste!

Dies Irae: speciality!! very strong beer (11%) with hops from Yakima Valley (U.S.), you have to taste it, a lot of punch on the palate, great for special occasions

The awesome beer specialities can be ordered online here:

More Information >>>>>> Brauhaus Gusswerk

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