Samstag, 17. Januar 2015

Stadler Form Air Washer "Robert"

It has been a long research until we found him - "Robert", the air washer designed by Matti Walker and built by the swiss firm STADLER FORM. „Robert" is two in one: an outstanding air humidifier and a air purifier, which works in rooms up to 80 m2.

"Roberts" design is clear and it doesn’t disturb the look of carefully arranged interior. Not only therefore „Robert“ won a couple of awards like the Red Dot Award 2014.
The tiny man works out great. Especially in winter it’s a welcome relief to get rid of dry air in your living rooms - which causes colds, dry skin and indisposition.
But also in summer, when it’s often dusty and pollen cause allergy, Robert washes everything nasty out of the air and you can breathe deep.  
Matti Walker did a great job designing "Robert". The product is aesthetic, the handling is intuitive and convenient.

We simply love you „Robert", thanks for feeling better... :) 

Stadler Form: Robert humidifies and purifies the air and ensures a clean and pleasant room climate all year round. The powerful air washer evaporates up to 13.2 liters of water per day and is also suitable for large rooms. Robert efficiently filters particles from the air and is the ideal roommate for those suffering from allergies. The touch display allows elegant and easy operation.

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