Sonntag, 22. März 2015

The Retro Regent 4 Slot Bread Toaster


This piece is amazing - it guarantees a good start into the daily breakfast.

The Retro Regent 4 Slot Bread Toaster is a real classic. Produced since the 1970, it is - as Rowlett Rutland calls it - accidentally retro. ;-)

But it’s not only this really cool design, and lots of colors to choose, which convinced us, it is also the fact, that this stylish little thing is highly trained craftsman work. 
With the opportunity of four roast levels and the energy-efficient rotary switch we roast every kind of bread and it works out great. The moment when it comes to the retro bell timer „rrrrring“ is always a bit strange, like time travel back to childhood.
And I admit, at this point of breakfast, I really have to smile. 
Four pieces roasted bread or toast is a great output - don’t you think so?!

And the best:  Every toaster is individually tested and certified before leaving the factory.

Thank you Rowlett Rutland for the best Toaster ever.

Available in:
Traffic Yellow
Traffic Red
Cobalt Blue
Sky Blue
Quartz Gray
Jet Black
Apple Green

Retro is the new techno and they don’t get much more retro than our Retro Regent Toaster.
The Regent is more 70s than a flower-powered VW Beetle playing a Cat Stevens eight-track. These have actually been in continuous production since the 1960s

The Regent toaster 
Energy efficient rotary slot selector switch 1, 2, 3 or 4 slices
Variable timer with ‘toast ready’ ringer
Neon indicator lamp
Handmade in the UK by skilled crafts people
Every toaster individually tested & certified

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