Montag, 13. April 2015

Extra-ordinary driving experience... and more...

We lately had the pleasure to drive four extra-ordinary cars… and it was fun, and it was exciting and it was appealing. Please find enclosed some first impressions.

The Audi A3 e-tron
…is not only a compact and elegant car, but comes with the newest electric driving technology. The car had a S-tronic transmission, and especially when driving in the city the experience was great. Very good acceleration and speed, and just a minimum fuel consumption.

The new Audi TTS Coupe

…looks impressive, especially in dark grey. The TTS comes with permanent all-wheel drive and is a great pleasure to maneuver through the streets. The car is very responsive, fast and fun – a real sports car. The interior is very straight and reduced, which perfectly fits to the specs of the car.

The Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid
…is huge, and comes with a lot of power. Again this is the model implementing electric driving technology, and they have done a great job. It’s perfect to drive, great acceleration and control – and lots of space, for people and stuff. Perfect to bring your family. Awesome neon yellow tachometer.

The Porsche Boxter GTS

is THE outstanding incarnation of a sports car. Workmanship on its highest level – interior, exterior and the car itself. You feel the car, you feel the road, you feel the speed – that’s the driving experience you seek for. Every aspect seems to be designed for eternity.

It was great fun to drive and experience those outstanding cars, and I really hope to be able to present more details and further articles in the following months.


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