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Weingut Hans Igler

The famous winery Hans Igler has been founded in the 1960ies, and has been focusing very early on quality - and on the famous local grape "Blaufränkisch". They have been pioneers in red wine making and using french oak barrels, and all of this led to their current status of being an award-winning winery with fantastic wines.

A close-to-nature approach of vitivulture and a late and gentle harvest ensure the highest quality expectations. If you should ever have the chance to visit the beautiful area south of Lake Neusiedl, enjoy a wine degustation in the beautiful Schaflerhof, a reconstructed old sheep house.

Some of the outstanding wines I want to introduce here...

Blaufränkisch Biiri
An outstanding Blaufränkisch, coming from a prettty old vineyard! Fruity, juicy, red berries, some oak - overall structured and fleshy. Lasting finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon Ried Kart
Velvet dark red, black cherries. Smooth and round. Food friendly, chocolate, sweet oak. Spicy finish. One of my most favorite red grapes, in excellent vinification!

Blaufränkisch/Cabernet Sauvignon/Zweigelt/Merlot, Barrique
Most famous blend of winery Hans Igler. Processed in perfection. Fruity, dark red, some herbs, elegant, a hint of oak. Very well balanced. Excellent!!

Ab Ericio
Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon/Zweigelt, Barrique
The new flagship Cuvee, combining the best wine from each vintage !! Lots of blackberry, fresh, wonderfully integrated tannins. Intense finish, won several awards.

The quality begins in the vineyards and they act accordingly. Their close-to-nature approach to viticulture (green fertilization, mechanical tillage, etc.), low yields of grapes per hectare (by breaking off the shoots and thinning out the grapes, etc.), a late and gentle harvest as well as the careful processing represent the basis of the quality wines typical of the region. Needless to say that not only the gained know-how contributes to the success but also the meticulous handling of the product in the cellar in order to develop the quality in the best way possible, makes its contribution.

The home of the Igler vines is located south of Lake Neusiedl at the foot of the Ödenburg Highlands. The hills shield prime vineyard sites of sandy clay and gravel soils nestled in the unique Blaufränkischland, the sunniest part of Austria, in the very heart of Europe.
The Igler vineyards on 40ha are definitely worth a visit because you can tell the high level of expertise by the way the vines are cut.

The mild, Pannonian climate, the sandy clay soils as well as the careful processing from the start in the vineyards form the basis for the quality of the wines. Besides Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay, the family focusses on red wines, especially the regional Blaufränkisch, but also Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Merlot.

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