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Wine Estate J. Heinrich

Silvia Heinrich is running this famous Austrian Wine Estate in Deutschkreuz (Burgenland).

She is fully dedicated to making wines. After gaining experience in advertising she found her real mission - producing outstanding wines. She leads an extra-ordinary winery in the famous Blaufränkisch Land in Austria, and was awarded "Winemaker of the year 2014".

The focus is set on red wine only, especially on Blaufränkisch. To achieve uncompromising quality the grapes are hand-picked and only environmental conscious production processes are used. The premium wines (e.g. terra o.) regularly win international trophies.

You also have the chance to visit the wine estate in Deutschkreutz, stay there, relay and enjoy great wine tastings... Maybe I can tell more about this sometime soon here on this blog.

Please find enclosed an expedition through some of their oustanding wines...

A great Blaufränkisch, seen as the entry level in the world of Silvia Heinrich! Fruity, juicy, red berries - sweet tanins. Nice finish.

Again Blaufränkisch - from pretty old grape vines. Velvet dark red, black cherries. Intense fruit, sweet oak. Long lasting finish.

Very nice blend with focus on Zweigelt. Structured and balanced, dark red, elegant. A hint of oak. Very old stocks, excellent wine!!

terra o.
Blaufränkisch/Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Syrah
terra opidorum soil = special, outstanding soil in Burgenland = name of this extra-ordinary wine. The  flagship Cuvee, combining the best wine from each vintage!! Lots of blackberry, spicy, fresh, wonderfully integrated tannins. Intense finish, won several awards. I love this Cuvee!

Magic Moments
Rose Sparkling Wine
Mysterious and vibrant freshness - for the magical moments in life. Great flavour, fine and smooth aromas. Every sip of this sparkling wine with the fine textured bubbles is pure joy! :-)

"Working with nature demands patience and a calm composure, perhaps with a little humility. “I see the vineyards as my children, and just like bringing up children, I want to support them, accompany them and do my utmost best for them, and allow them to develop themselves and their characters, as well as show their full potential.“

Silvia Heinrich

Our premium wines terra o., elegy and Cupido regularly wine international trophies. Our top terra o. is a blend of Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah is highly regarded for its depth and spice, coupled with pronounced fruit characters. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot provide complex aromas in our “elegy” wine. Our flagship “Cupido” wine is a single-varietal Blaufränkisch, which displays dark fruit characters, smoky spice notes, elegant minerality and supple, silky tannins. International wine critics and experts are always impressed by our wines

More Information >>>>>> Wine Estate J. Heinrich


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