Freitag, 21. August 2015

Hoos Gin

Hoos Gin is another fine player in the German Gin market, which comes in a really pretty dark-green bottle with a nice label - only the screwcap could be improved in the future maybe. The producer Heiko Hoos sticks to the tradition of London Gin's, and uses 15 special herbs (organic!) and handmade production methods for this premium small batch Gin.

On the label on the back you find details of the production, e.g. number of the bottle, date, and so on (handwritten!) - which proofs the small batch and individual production.

I really liked the fruity smell and the aromatic flavors in the nose, and also the first sip was strong and pleasing. Again fruits and a little sweetness on the palate, and a long and dry finish. Not too much Juniper, and also hints of Orange and Lemon. A great London Gin for a reasonable price.

Hoos Gin can be enjoyed pure, but is a perfect companion for a Gin Tonic with a good punch!

Distribution in Austria: Killis Getränke
More Information >>>>>> Hoos Gin

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