Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

pentahotel Vienna

"See a different side to Vienna..."

- 117 Rooms on 6 floors, 10 underground parking spaces
- located in the 5th district of vienna near city center and subway
- Breakfast with more time for relaxation every Sunday and bank holiday until 10.30 am, and free late check out until 3 pm
- check in at 3 pm, check out at 12 pm

Matteo Thun designed the quite spacious rooms in kind of a 70ies style. Colorful furniture, flower patterns and dim light create a flashback to the years of „free love“ and legere snugness.
The bathrooms are created in a modern Italian design, very straight with lots of black slate and a walk in shower with glass panels. The beds and linen are of high quality.

pentahotel fulfilled the concept of meeting point, by replacing the stiff atmosphere of a reception hall with the cosy flair of a lounge bar in the neighborhood. It’s a wild mixture between industrial design and boho-style, which makes things different.

The hotel is located in the 5th district of vienna. A hub where lots of Viennese „Bobos" (Austrian neologism for bourgeois bohemian) live. You’ll find there lots of small shops offering vintage furniture and clothes, as well as tiny places where Austrian Designers offer their products.

In walking distance there’s the famous „Naschmarkt“ - Viennas biggest open air market of food, but also a place where you can find lots of restaurants offering a diversity of food from all over the world, for example the deli. On Saturdays you’ll find a big vintage market. The Naschmarkt is flanked by Art Deco Houses with stunning facades and the Vienna Secession is also nearby.

pentahotel Vienna is for people who like it legere, easy and familiar - but won’t miss comfort and convenience. It’s for people who love the attitude of diversity - kind of reminiscence to the free spirit of the late 60ies and early 70ies.

It’s a colorful place, as if a bulk of friends have met in one place and everybody brought something important with him to participate. Maybe you’ll find your personal object too.

pentahotel Vienna

A revolution in the way you sleep, eat, drink and relax is coming to Vienna. The beautiful city may have a timeless elegance and charm, but sometimes things need to be shaken up a little bit. The pentahotel Vienna takes what you’d expect from a hotel and shakes off the stiff formality of a traditional reception area and replaces it with a laid-back pentalounge that’s cool, relaxing and elegant - perfect as a neighbourhood hub. 

We like to do things differently, but also know the things that make your stay unforgettable; all the comfort and convenience you need, and none of the pointless gimmicks that you don’t. Our practical, comfortable guestrooms ensure a sound night’s pentasleep.

The pentapeople always provide a sense of lively community amongst hotel guests, drop-in customers and hotel associates and give our guests pentafun and surprise in lounge and guestrooms.


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