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Weingut Gager

Weingut Gager is one of the very well-known premium wine estates in the middle of Burgenland in Austria. They specialized on highest quality red wines, based on Blaufränkisch - but also other varieties, especially produced in Cuvees (blends).

Only the grapes fom the best located sites around are processed, in a region that is known for heavy and loamy soils. The family enlarged its wine estates in the last year, and has also built an impressive new house with great architecture. The also offer rooms to rent, so you can enjoy great design and great wine.

The wines have won lots of (international) trophies, and can be fully recommended. Taste for yourself! :-)

Cuvee Quattro
Zweigelt/Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon/Blaufränkisch, Barrique
Deep dark red color with black reflections; it has a smells of cherries and raspberries with beautiful wood- and chocolate tones. The wine is very juicy and powerful – there are beautiful cassis and berry shades with strong tannins. This brilliant blend is considered the flagship wine of winery Gager.

Cuvee Cablot
Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon
Dark purple with ruby red and black reflections; there are flavors of exotic spices, plums and nougat. Cherry fruit, cassis and dark berries dominate the taste of this powerful wine

Deep purple with an opaque core; fine exotic wood spice flavors with fresh berries, cherries and tobacco; juicy, ripe fruits with a pleasant sweetness of extract and well integrated tannins; fine chocolate notes in a long finish

At the end of the 80s the first red-cuvées arises in Austria and our Quattro was one of the first. With the harvest from 1988 we created this wine and thus began his successful story.

Always remained true to our philosophy our Quattro has developed to our driving force and become our most known wine in Austria…

GAGER – 4 corners in a square
4 varieties, 4 colors, 4 squares

That´s the vision of its distinctive design, which since 1989 adorns the Quattro bottle. With its long tradition, history, and success – its label has now become our logo and trademark.

WEINGUT GAGER and Cuvée Quattro are inseparable now and in the future, and we promise that we will give our best every day to ensure it stays the way!

More Information >>>>>> Weingut Gager


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